Monday, February 6, 2012

Subdistrict boundary adjustment in Thung Song

On Friday, an adjustment of the subdistrict boundaries within Thung Song district of Nakhon Si Thammarat was announced in the Royal Gazette. Within this announcement, already the 4th amendment of the original announcement from 1998 [Gazette], the boundaries of the two subdistricts Khao Khao (ตำบลเขาขาว) and Na Mai Phai (ตำบลนาไม้ไผ่) get defined.

To get an idea of what is the actual change with this announcement, I have translated all the MGRS coordinates within the current as well as the 1998 announcement into their normal coordinates and added them into the map displayed below. Interestingly, while doing so I spotted two coordinates of Khao Khao in the 1998 announcement which must be wrong - NJ568998 has been written as NK568998, and instead of NK611039 the announcement says NK911039, which would be 30 km east. Note that the areas drawn are not correct, as I have simply connected the points with lines, whereas in real they follow the natural boundary describe in the text.

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Sadly, it is not that easy to recognize what has been changed, not only due to the fact that the amendment uses many more explicit points than the original announcement from 1998. The boundary between Khao Khao and Na Mai Phai hasn't been changed much, it more seems like a more clear definition of it. For Na Mai Phai, it seems some area at the east was added. Khao Khao seems to have been enlarged in its northern part. It's a pity I don't have any good map with Tambon boundaries, and the layer within Google Earth was removed some months ago.

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