Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Five year old municipal constituencies announced

Usually, acts and other announcements are published in the Royal Gazette relatively timely, most commonly about two months after it was signed and thus approved for publication. However, sometimes it takes significantly longer, and just today a new record was set within those announcements I am looking through. The constituencies for the subdistrict municipality Thung Sai (เทศบาลตำบลทุ่งทราย) in Kamphaeng Phet were announced today, however the publication was signed on October 16 2007 already. And the date is not simply mistyped, as the TAO Thung Sai was upgraded to a municipality effective August 29 2007, so the constituencies were defined shortly afterwards to be ready for the first municipal election. I have no idea why it was kept in the publication queue that long, but - if it will ever come - the announcement making the upgrade of Thung Sai official hasn't been published yet and will break the record then again.

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