Monday, July 11, 2011

Trang license plate graphic

On July 7, a new provincial license plate graphic was announced in Royal Gazette, this time for Trang province. As Trang is located at the Andaman Sea, its not surprising that the graphic features a maritime image of two dugong, the South-East Asian relative of the manatee. Also visible are the many corals and other sea life found at the coast of Trang, and two island hills in the background. I cannot recognize if these hills are in fact modeled after two real hills - but shouldn't be modeled after Ko Phi Phi as that belongs to Krabi province.

Trang 2011

Actually, the current announcement is only a recap of an earlier one from 2004, which already announced a very similar graphic [Gazette]. The only bigger difference between the two graphics is at the left side, where the number of waves has been reduced and some fish have been added. The different colors are probably just because of the different way of placing the image into the PDF - in 2004 it was a scanned paper copy, whereas now it was probably directly created from the digital original.
Trang 2004

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