Friday, July 29, 2011

Paretas' map of Thailand

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre just across the street from Siam Square and MBK has become a venue I am visiting every year now, as they change their exhibition about every month, so there is always something new to see. Yet, last time the most interesting wasn't the graffiti exhibition, but a painting I saw for sale in one of the galleries in the lower levels of the building. As it was a bit above my budget, and also way too large to bring home comfortably and also wouldn't fit into my living room style either, I only took a photo of it - though it was probably not allowed.

The painting by Thai artist Paretas shows a map of Thailand, taking the shape of a wounded man. The big nail has "Southern Seaboard" written on it, the smaller one sticks within the three Muslim provinces and thus obviously refers to the still ongoing insurgency there. Also, a small fire east of Bangkok is labeled Map Tha Phut. One could surely add more current issues hurting the nation, but even with this small selection the painting shows a clear political message.

I couldn't find much background about the artist in English however, so I just know his full name Paretas Hutanggura (ปริทรรศ หุตางกูร), and that he is from Nakhon Si Thammarat. And I found a few other of his works, like G String for you and Monsoon Renaissance Dancing, and he is also a writer of short stories.

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perhenrik said...

Thanks for sharing the painting. I find it very intriging and creative. It clearly has a political message about the current times/events.