Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bueng Kan approved by parliament

Yesterday the house of representatives held the 2nd and 3rd reading of the law to create the province Bueng Kan. At 18:20 the 3rd reading was approved by a very solid majority of 342 to 0 votes.

The only steps which are now missing until the province fully becomes reality is the signature by HM the King, and thereafter the publication of the act in the Royal Gazette. Unless it was changed from the draft law, thereafter another 90 days will pass until the law becomes effective and the province is created. Thus if hypothetically the law is already published today, the province will be in effect on April 27.

As I haven't yet found the version of the law approved by parliament, I cannot tell yet if there were any changes to the draft law from November done by the parliamentary commission. Especially if the name was changed from the draft I cannot tell yet, but all the new reports I noticed simply say "จังหวัดบึงกาฬ".

Strangely, none of the English newspaper carried a word on this, even the government news outlet NNT does not mention it - the only parliamentary act they write about are the constitutional amendments which were discussed in 2nd reading before the Bueng Kan act.

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