Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rename of Muban in Tak

Another administrative village name change was approved meeting 3/2010 on August 10 of the board to consider name changes and now published in the Royal Gazette. This time, village 13 of Mae Tuen subdistrict, Mae Ramat district, Tak province was renamed from Ban Thiwa Boeitha (บ้านทีวะเบยทะ) to Ban Loe To (บ้านเลอตอ).

The administrative village was just created in 2004 [Gazette] by splitting it from village 10 Ban Huai Pong (บ้านห้วยโป่ง). Apparently the name chosen then was not much liked by the villages, because if I read the announcement right the change was requested by the population.

Also interesting to note - in the announcement on the creation, the coordinates for the boundary are all wrong. Instead of e.g. MU 353065 it should read MV 353065 - the original coordinates are all in Myanmar already. I only noticed that because I wanted to add the location to this posting, and thus the official coordinates would have been the easiest way to find out where the village is actually located.

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