Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rename of Muban in Chiang Mai

Another decision from the meeting 3/2010 on August 10 of the board to consider name changes was published in the Royal Gazette last Thursday. One administrative village in Chiang Mai province changes its name. Muban 8 of Mueang Kaeo, Mae Rim district is renamed from Ban Thung Khao Nao (บ้านทุ่งข้าวเน่า) to Ban Thung Khao Hom (บ้านทุ่งข้าวหอม).

The announcement gives as the reason for the change that while the old name had no special meaning, the new name - literally translated as Village of Jasmine Rice Fields - however is supposed to encourage the rice farmers.

The name change was approved by the board on August 10, the announcement was signed on September 23 by deputy province governor Chumphon Saengmoni (ชุมพร แสงมณี), and published in the Gazette on November 11.

Sadly as the meeting transcripts for the board to consider name changes isn't published on any website I don't know if there may be further Muban name changes pending, additionally to this and the already published name changes of four local government units.


john francis lee said...

บ้านทุ่งข้าวหอม is Ban Thung Khao Hom (Hawm?), isn't it?

Andy said...

Oups, yes, thanks, corrected. Or maybe it was just a test to see if my readers pay attention :-)

john francis lee said...

Thanks for printing the Thai. Without your having done so the typo would not have been noticed, could not have been noticed, by me or by anyone else.