Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Village rename in Phitsanulok

Published in the Royal Gazette on July 9 was the rename of one village (muban) in Tha Ngam subdistrict, Wat Bot district, Phitsanulok province. (Volume 126, Issue 76 ง, Page 250).

Village number 6, previously named Ban Nong Ai Phon (บ้านหนองอ้ายโพ้น), was renamed to Ban Khao Rai Si Ratcha (บ้านเขาไร่ศรีราชา). The rationale for the rename is that both the temple as well as the school in the village are named Khao Rai Si Ratcha.

The committee responsible for deciding name changes of provinces, district, subdistricts, villages and other official places (คณะกรรมการพิจารณาเรื่อง การขอเปลี่ยนแปลงชื่อจังหวัด อำเภอ และตำบล หมู่บ้าน หรือสถานที่ราชการอื่น ๆ) approved the proposed name change in its meeting 6/2008 (๖/๒๕๕๑) on December 11 2008, and the announcement was signed on February 5 by the governor of Phitsanulok province.

Just sad that apparently the meeting transcripts of the naming committee aren't available online, unlike those of the municipal committee I post about so often here.

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