Monday, July 20, 2009

More geocode lists from DOPA

When I recently checked for the standard geocode list ccaatt with the codes for all the central administrative entities (except the Muban), I did not use the direct link as usual but instead went to the description page. To my surprise I noticed it not only has that list linked there as it had in the past, but now there are four more zipped text files.

The one most interesting is RCODE contains only the first two levels province and district, but what is new it also contains the codes for the municipalities. It confirms that they continued the scheme I found earlier, and in case of Nakhon Ratchasima they now exhausted the numbers, thus making a new scheme necessary:
The municipalities listed is nearly up-to-date, the above listed Mueang Yang (เทศบาลตำบลเมืองยาง) was upgraded in 2008.

The other three THANON, SOI and TROK seem to give codes to streets as the named suggest - Thanon (ถนน), Soi (ซอย) and Trok (ตรอก) are three different level of streets. Strangely these codes are codes which I would normally expect for the villages. For example, the Soi we normally stay in Bangkok Noi, Soi Wat Mali, which is Soi 35 of Thanon Charansanit Wong is found in the Soi list as
  10200026| |วัดมะลิ|
where the main road is in the Thanon list as
However the three lists don't using unique codes, the above 10200001 from the Thanon list in the Soi list points to สถานีรถไฟ (Train Station, maybe the road connecting Arun Amarin road with Itsaraphap at Thonburi railway station), and even in the Trok list it is found, referring to วัดระฆัง - the small street towards Wat Rakang.

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