Monday, December 17, 2007

New satellite images in Google Earth

The Google Earth blogs just announced it - there are some new hires data available in Google Earth. And of course this also includes Thailand, otherwise I wouldn't blog about it here. I am browsing through right now and the areas which seem to be new include around Phunphin, Sungai-Kolok, Hua Hin, the eastern half of Rayong, Tha Phraya, Erawan and Na Duang, Tha Li and so on. No big single area, but several new rectangles, but still many parts not yet available in hires, including interesting places like the ruins of Si Satchanalai, or the towns Kanchanaburi and Ubon Ratchathani, Sing Buri and Sara Buri. Anyway, I have fine-tuned the geotags of several Wikipedia articles already and still looking for more district offices I missed to adjust, and as soon as Google Maps also picks up the new data I can also update some of my photos in Panoramio.

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