Friday, September 29, 2017

Province governor reshuffle

With the end of the fiscal year, its traditionally also the date on which the province governors get transferred to new provinces, or to other posts within the Ministry of Interior, as well as deputy governors getting promoted to governors and assigned their first province.

The first part of this annual reshuffle has already been announced in the Royal Gazette on September 15, a total of 24 officials being reassigned to new posts. Out of these, there are four governors transferred to other positions within the ministry, 16 governors being transferred to new provinces, and one transferred from a post within the MOI to become province governor - the other three are transfers from and to other posts only. All of the transfers are effective October 1.

Due to lack of time I don't write up the full list here, you can find it either in the Gazette announcement, or translated into XML in my data collection. The second part of the reshuffle, the promotion of deputy governors, isn't published in the Gazette yet, but was already published in the press - I'll add it as soon as I see the announcement. And as usual, sadly the names of those governors who will retire is not listed anywhere, so can only guess them from the posts which get assigned a new name without any transfer of the previous incumbent.

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