Friday, March 31, 2017

Population growth 2016

Population growth 2016
As yesterday the official population numbers were published in the Royal Gazette - the announcement was signed on February 28, but the actual data were available online on January 2nd - I am taking another look into the data. Compared to 2015, the population grew by 202452 or 0.31%. As the growth has decreased so much, there are now also several provinces where the population numbers have decreased, for example Bangkok lost 9763 citizen.The biggest winners and losers in absolute and relative numbers are the following:


And again same as I did for the foreigners, visualizing the changes on a map shows some more details - other than Tak the other provinces which significantly gained citizen are those around Bangkok, which not that surprising as the actual agglomeration long grew outside the boundaries of the special administrative area. The central plain and the north seem have been the origin of the internal migration to the capital. As the growth in Tak looks a bit out of the order - half of the new citizen (7555 to be exact) are foreigners. Also, the area around Mae Sot is currently developed into a special economic area and might even become a separate province in future, so this also adds some reason for the migration.


tom isaan said...

I find some of thes foreign numbers questionable
especially female relative to male numbers in places like Udon and Ubon

Andreas Hörstemeier said...
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Andreas Hörstemeier said...

Keep in mind that these numbers are only the registered foreigners, those who have gone through all the bureaucratic work to be in Thailand for a long time legally. If you compare with the census data, those list much higher numbers of foreigners. For Ubon, census 2010 had 10421 male and 11147 female, compared to 3224 male and 4274 female in the registration data. So only half of the foreigners are registered, but by whatever reason the women have registered in a bigger amount. But guess I next work through the census reports to type in the foreigner numbers from there, as those numbers are a little bit more reliable.