Friday, July 4, 2014

New ccaatt geocodes

Yesterday DOPA updated their website describing the ccaatt geocodes, those codes on which the Thai standard TIS 1099 as well as ISO 3166:2 are based. Though just published yesterday, the codes are dated from March 19. As there have been no new Amphoe or Tambon, the only real changes were within the RCode table, which gives codes to several of the municipalities.
  1. Ban Klang (เทศบาลตำบลบ้านกลาง), Mueang Pathum Thani district, Pathum Thani getting code 1381.
  2. In Chonburi, the codes 2065 to 2069 were readded - they were removed in the previous list from 2013, but were present in 2012 already.
  3. Nong Wa (เทศบาลตำบลหนองหว้า), Kumphawaphi district, Udon Thani getting the code 4158.
  4. Mueang Bua (เทศบาลตำบลเมืองบัว), Kaset Wisai district, Roi Et readded as 4578. The code was missing in 2013, and in 2012 marked as obsolete.
  5. The same happened for San Pu Loei (5046) and Fa Ham (5059) in Chiang Mai province. Also, the codes 5045 and 5047 to 5049 are re-added, but still marked as obsolete.
  6. Mae Yao (เทศบาลตำบลแม่ยาว), Mueang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai getting code 5764.
  7. Nai Mueang (เทศบาลตำบลในเมือง), Sawankhalok district, Sukhothai getting code 6484.
All other changes are status upgrades of already existing and numbered municipality, or name changes of such municipalities.

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