Friday, December 27, 2013

Municipal area transfer in Rayong

On Monday, the change of the boundaries of two adjoining municipalities in Rayong province was announced in the Royal Gazette. Choeng Noen (เทศบาลตำบลเชิงเนิน), located north and east of Rayong city [Gazette] and Noen Phra (เทศบาลตำบลเนินพระ), located west of Rayong city [Gazette] are connected by a narrow area running parallel north of Sukhumvit road. I wasn't able to find a map of the original municipality boundaries, but it is possible to get them by the Tambon. Both municipalities were originally TAOs covering the same-named Tambon, except those area which are covered by Rayong city, and in 1998 the boundaries of the Tambon in Mueang Rayong district were officially defined [Gazette]. Though the boundaries are only defined in written text and not as a map, by comparing the coordinates it seems that in fact the two Tambon have no adjoining area, being separated by the city of Rayong. Thus the with the announcements now, Choeng Noen gained some area west of Rayong city, with a very narrow connection of the newly gained area north of Rayong city.

The interesting question is whether this change for the municipal boundaries will also cause an adjustment of the subdistrict boundaries, to keep the two municipalities within their original Tambon.

I have tried to turn the main part of the two maps within the announcements into a single Google map, the pink boundary is the area which I believe was added to Choen Noen.

View Choeng Noen, Noen Phra in a larger map

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