Friday, February 15, 2013

Graphical license plate for Phetchaburi

Today, a new graphical car license plate was announced for Phetchaburi province [Gazette], replacing the design originally announced in 2005 [Gazette].
Comparing the two design, one can easily find the new elements. In the background is Phra Nakhon Khiri with the fireworks of the annual festival, held in the beginning of April. Also new are the two Garuda figures, though I don't know how these are special for this province. The flowers, fruits and the local sweets have been moved together to the left side - the palm trees as the source of the palm sugar as the main ingredient for these sweets are now much smaller and spread in the background.


Heinrich Damm said...

Sorry - no Garuda. But mythical figures from the Himaphan Forest called Thep Paksi.
Exaple of a Thep Paksi:
Example of a Garuda:
Don't know though their significance for Phetburi...

Heinrich Damm said...

On second thought - they could also be Kinnari ...