Monday, August 15, 2011

Special zone Mae Sot still on track

Today "The Nation" had an article with an update on the creation of the special administrative zone in Mae Sot, started by the previous government but not yet finally approved in the legislation process. But according to the article, chances are quite good that the new government will also support the change and it will become reality in the not too far future.
Municipal bureaucrats expect implementation of a special administration zone at Mae Sot to help restructure taxes so they contribute more to public services and oversight of migrant workers.
They hope the change - backed by major political parties in the capital but yet to be approved - will boost the business revenue in the area from Bt2030 billion to Bt100 billion, and help turn Mae Sot into a model city.
"Currently, government policies are uncoordinated and not unified," the mayor [Teardkiat Shinsoranan of Mae Sot] said.
"Municipal and provincial officials all think and act on their own, with their limited budget," he complained.
As a result, no one was able to handle bigger problems that required bigger budgets and regional coordination.
Technically, two special zones are proposed - a Special Local Administrative Zone and a Special Economic Zone.
Mae Sot municipality's website notes that the House of Representatives last met on April 4, to read and correct details in a draft law in create these bodies. Involved parties are now waiting for the new government to finalise the bill.
"Both Thaksin and Abhisit's governments agreed to this project," said Chaiwat, who hoped that Yingluck's administration would also support it.
Next economic boom site?, The Nation, 2011-08-15

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