Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Land office for Bueng Kan

With the creation of Bueng Kan province, secondary administrative offices have to be created or adjusted in their area of responsibility. Yesterday, announcements regarding the cadastre or land office (สำนักงานที่ดิน). There previously was already a branch office in Bueng Kan (สาขาบึงกาฬ) from the cadastre in Nong Khai, which was already created in 1996 [Gazette]. This branch office however did not cover the whole area of the new province, as So Phisai district was still under the head office in Nong Khai.

Thus now not only the branch office Bueng Kan gets upgraded to a full province cadastre office [Gazette], this first announcement also includes the change of area to be the same as the new province. Additionally, the branch office Seka has been renamed from Nong Khai to Bueng Kan. As this also means that the area of responsibility of the Nong Khai cadastre has to change, this was done in a second announcement [Gazette].

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