Monday, August 24, 2009

King Amphoe named after the parent Amphoe

In the early 20th century it had several minor districts (King Amphoe, กิ่งอำเภอ, sometimes also named just King กิ่ง) which had the same name as the neighboring district from which they were split off, and which they were subordinated to. If I am not mistaken, then these minor districts were in fact covering the central part of the district, and not outlying parts. In the list of districts from 1917 it has the following cases.
  • Phra Phutthabat (พระพุทธบาท), Saraburi. In 1917 the parent district was renamed from Phra Phutthabat to Nong Don. Nong Don was renamed to Ban Mo in 1944. I don't know when Phra Phutthabat to upgraded from minor district to a full district however to confirm the minor district in 1917 was in fact the area around the temple Wat Phra Phutthabat.
  • Thung Maphrao (ทุ่งมะพร้าว), Phang Nga. In 1917 the parent district was renamed from Thung Maphrao to Thai Mueang. The minor district was abolished in 1938 and merged into the district Thai Mueang.
  • Tha Luang (ท่าหลวง), Chanthaburi. In 1917 the minor district was renamed to Kamphut (กำพุช), while the main district was renamed to Makham. In 1939 Kamphut was renamed to Pong Nam Ron, which became a full district in 1941.
  • Chiang Saen (เชียงแสน), Chiang Rai. In 1925 the minor district was abolished, in 1927 a new minor district named Chiang Saen Luang was recreated. In 1939 the district Chiang Saen was renamed to Mae Chan, while Chiang Saen Luang became Chiang Saen. In 1957 Chiang Saen finally was upgraded to a full district.
  • Hot (ฮอด), Chiang Mai. In 1905 the district Muet Ka (มืดกา) was abolished and instead the district Mueang Hot and the minor district Mueang Hot were created (Gazette). I don't know what happened with them, as in the 1917 announcement only the district Mueang Hot was mentioned and renamed to Hot.

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