Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Geocodes for Bueng Kan

Somehow I totally missed that DOPA had updated their list of numerical codes already to include the codes for Bueng Kan province and its subdivisions. Though I already guessed that the province will get the code 38, and quite logically the Mueang Bueng Kan district will get the 3801, I had to wait for the list to have the codes for all other districts, subdistricts and the municipalities.

Before starting with the long table, I will already mention the general scheme used in the transfer of the codes from Nong Khai to Bueng Kan. The districts are in the same order as they were in Nong Khai, only obviously the numbers now run continuously from 1 to 8. The same holds for the subdistricts, the old order was used again, only the holes in the previous codes from the creation of new districts were omitted. The only strange thing is the code for the municipality Bueng Kan, which did not get the 3899 I would expect, but 3898. Maybe 3899 is left free for a new municipality to be created including the site of the yet to be built province hall?

NameTypeOld codeNew code
Bueng KanProvince38
Mueang Bueng KanDistrict43033801
Bueng KanSubdistrict430301380101
Non SombunSubdistrict430303380102
Non SombunSubdistrict430303380102
Nong Kheng1Subdistrict430304380103
Ho KhamSubdistrict430305380104
Nong LoengSubdistrict430306380105
Khong KongSubdistrict430307380106
Na SawanSubdistrict430310380107
Khai SiSubdistrict430311380108
Kham Na DiSubdistrict430318380111
Pong PueaiSubdistrict430319380112
Phon CharoenDistrict43043802
Si ChomphuSubdistrict430401380201
Don Na YangSubdistrict430402380202
Phon CharoenSubdistrict430403380203
Nong Hua ChangSubdistrict430404380204
Waeng ChomphuSubdistrict430405380205
Pa FaekSubdistrict430406380206
Si SamranSubdistrict430407380207
So PhisaiDistrict43063803
Nong Phan ThaSubdistrict430602380302
Si ChumphuSubdistrict430603380303
Kham KaeoSubdistrict430604380304
Bua ThumSubdistrict430605380305
Tham CharoenSubdistrict430606380306
Lao ThongSubdistrict430607380307
So PhisaiDistrict43063803
Tha Kok DaengSubdistrict430903380403
Ban ThongSubdistrict430906380404
Pong HaiSubdistrict430907380405
Nam ChanSubdistrict430908380406
Tha Sa-atSubdistrict430909380407
Nong ThumSubdistrict430912380408
Sok KamSubdistrict430913380409
Pak KhatDistrict43103805
Pak KhatSubdistrict431001380501
Nong YongSubdistrict431002380502
Na KangSubdistrict431003380503
Non SilaSubdistrict431004380504
Som SanukSubdistrict431005380505
Na DongSubdistrict431006380506
Bueng Khong LongDistrict43113806
Bueng Khong LongSubdistrict431101380601
Pho Mak KhaengSubdistrict431102380602
Dong BangSubdistrict431103380603
Tha Dok KhamSubdistrict431104380604
Si WilaiDistrict43123807
Si WilaiSubdistrict431201380701
Chumphu PhonSubdistrict431202380702
Na SaengSubdistrict431203380703
Na SabaengSubdistrict431204380704
Na SingSubdistrict431205380705
Bung KhlaDistrict43133808
Bung KhlaSubdistrict431301380801
Nong DoenSubdistrict431302380802
Khok KwangSubdistrict431303380803
Ho KhamMunicipality43773887
Nong KhengMunicipality43793888
Si WilaiMunicipality43833890
Bueng Khong LongMunicipality43843891
Pak KhatMunicipality43853892
Si PhanaMunicipality43863893
Tha Sa-atMunicipality43873894
So PhisaiMunicipality43903895
Phon CharoenMunicipality43923896
Don Ya NangMunicipality43933897
Bueng KanMunicipality43943898
1 Renamed to Non Sawang on March 3 2011, but still named Nong Kheng in the DOPA list

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