Monday, December 21, 2015

Muban rename in Sukhothai

Another administrative village has changed its name as decided in the 3rd meeting of board to consider name changes in this year. Last week, the rename of Ban Wang Mai Charoen Suk (บ้านวังใหม่เจริญสุข), village 11 of Mueang Kao subdistrict, Mueang Sukhothai district, was announced in the Royal Gazette. The new name is Ban Saen To (บ้านแสนตอ). Translating the village names literally, this means that "New palace growing happiness" becomes "Hundred thousand stumps".

The administrative village was created in 2003 by splitting of parts of Mo 4, Ban Wang Takhro (บ้านวังตะคร้อ) [Gazette], and is located in the north of Mueang Kao subdistrict, aroung five kilometer northwest of Sukhothai historical park. Thanks to the Gazette announcement on the creation of this village with the exact boundary definition, I could find the sign at the beginning of the village in Streetview. And even the office of the village headman has a location page on Google plus already, but no sign around that house to confirm its location being correct.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Muban rename in Chiang Rai

Yesterday the rename of an administrative village in Chiang Rai was announced in the Royal Gazette. Mu 10 of Si Kham subdistrict, Mae Chan district changes its name from Ban Mae Kham Phatthana (บ้านแม่คำพัฒนา) to Ban Si Kham (บ้านศรีค้ำ). This change was approced by the board to consider name changes in their 3rd meeting this year on September 24, and the announcement was signed by the province governor of Chiang Rai on October 15. As it does not mention any specific date on which it became effective, I guess it became effective same day as it was signed.

As I cannot find any Gazette announcement on the creation of this Muban, it was probably created before 2002 - but after 1984 as it wasn't part of the subdistrict when that was created [Gazette]. By the name of the Muban I believe it was split off from Mu 3 (Ban Mae Kham Lak Chet), and since it is now renamed to the same name as the subdistrict I guess it is located in the most populated part of the subdistrict along Phahayothin highway.