Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Area definition for Nong Khanan subdistrict municipality

After a long time of inactivity due to the political lock of the country, the Royal Gazette contains a new announcement by the Ministry of Interior, by which the area of the subdistrict municipality Nong Khanan (เทศบาลตำบลหนองขนาน) [Wikidata] was modified. The municipality was created in August 2012 by upgrading the TAO Nong Khanan, and though the municipality covers the whole subdistrict Nong Khanan there seem to have been problems with the exact boundaries. In March this year, the boundaries of the subdistrict were revised by a publication in the Royal Gazette, updating the original definition from 1998 [Gazette] for the subdistricts Nong Khanan and Hat Chao Samran. Since none of the subdistrict area definitions contains a map, I only have the map embedded with the current announcement showing the current boundaries of the subdistrict and municipality.

As the municipality boundaries were not well-defined, the Election Commission did not prepare any constituencies for the municipality council yet, so there was no election for either the municipal council or the mayor since 2012 - and as the coup junta stopped all local elections until further notice, there will be an appointed council sometime soon (or maybe there is already and I just did not find anything on the web about it yet), whereas the permanent secretary will continue to be acting mayor as long as the junta sees the country not ready to have any elections.