Sunday, March 21, 2021

2020 statistics

 Last week, DOPA published their annual statistics with the numbers of the various subdivisions. The only changes are in the numbers of the local governments due to some municipal upgrades and merges. Interestingly, no new administrative villages were created last year.

Also included in the graphic posted to Twitter and Facebook is the population number. The detailed numbers can be found at, also there already was the annual Royal Gazette announcement with the numbers by provice.

  • Changwat: 76
  • Amphoe: 878
  • Tambon: 7255
  • Muban: 75086
  • PAO: 76
  • Thesaban: 2472 (2450)
    • Thesaban Nakhon: 30
    • Thesaban Mueang: 195 (184)
    • Thesaban Tambon: 2247 (2236)
  • TAO: 5300 (5324)
  • Special administrative units: 2
And, as usual, I still don't believe the Tambon number, which should be 7256 according to all other sources.

Friday, January 15, 2021

2020 review

 Last year I sadly neglected this blog quite a bit, at first it was a quiet time, and then a serious sickness kept me from working on this project. In the second half of 2020 a bit more happened on the subdivisions, though I have succeeded to keep my XML as well as the Excel sheet updated, its not yet documented here.

So a short list what I have to write about

  • December 20, the Provincial Administrative Organizations had their first elections since 2014, now all have a new chairman as well as councillors.
  • On March 28 2021, the municipality mayor and council elections are planned to take place. [Bangkok Post]. The constituencies of them were announced in the last quarter of 2020. Apparently the TAO elections will be held later this year then.
  • There were some more municipal changes after my last list from April.
  • The DOPA population statistics for December 31 2020 is already online, but not yet directly accessible on the website.
In short the main numbers for December 31

  • 30 city municipalities (Thesaban Nakhon)
  • 195 town municipalites (Thesaban Mueang)
  • 2247 subdistrict municipalities (Thesaban Tambon)
  • 5300 subdistrict administrative organizations (TAO)
  • Total population as of December 31 2020 from the registry: 6,6186,727 (3,2375,532 male and 3,3811,195 female)