Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Number of administrative units 2018

The Department of Provincial Administration has published the latest statistics of the numbers of administrative units in Thailand, as of December 31st 2018. The numbers are as follows, with the 2017 numbers in brackets if there were changes.
  • Changwat: 76
  • Amphoe: 878
  • Tambon: 7255
  • Muban: 75032
  • PAO: 76
  • Thesaban: 2442 (2441)
    • Thesaban Nakhon: 30
    • Thesaban Mueang: 179 (178)
    • Thesaban Tambon: 2233
  • TAO: 5332 (5333)
  • Special administrative units: 2
There is only one change recorded, an upgrade of a TAO to a town municipality - which is the upgrade of Bang Khu Rat in Nonthaburi province. I haven't yet reported it on here, and in fact it was effective January 2nd 2019, so claiming the numbers are as of December 31st is not fully correct. As all other numbers stayed identical, it only shows that currently there's almost no activity concerning the administrative units. And as usual, there is still the odd discrepancy of one subdistrict which is not counted in this statistics, but still included in the population data.

One interested side-note - this year the document includes an English version, which I haven't seen before.