Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Province governor reshuffle 2015

As the fiscal year in Thailand ends today, this is also the standard date for the province governor reshuffle, many province governors had their last working day today and either retire or move to a new position. And of course also the now vacant positions get refilled by promotions of deputy governors. The reassignments were already confirmed by the cabinet on September 8, and though I added them into my XML files I was to busy to report them here yet. As there are quite a lot of transfers, I don't list each name individually, just listing the numbers and notable special cases.

Altogether 58 positions were changed, 54 of them effective October 1st and another four on October 2nd. The transfers split into these categories:
  • 21 province governors get transferred to another province
  • 22 deputy province governors get promoted to province governors, three of them staying in the same province
  • 10 become province governors from other positions in the Ministry of Interior
  • 3 province governors get transferred to other positions not related to province governors
  • 1 deputy governor gets transferred to another position
  • 1 gets transferred from positions not related to province governors
One of transfers effective October 2nd is quite odd - Phakaphong Tavipatana (ภัคพงษ์ ทวิพัฒน์) gets transferred as governor from Surin to Phang Nga, but he will assume office in Surin just one day before on October 1st being promoted from the deputy governor position in Sara Buri. There was a similar kind of transfer two years ago, but it remains strange.

There are some province governor positions vacant after these transfers, I haven't yet checked if a second batch of promotions was approved in the meantime as I was still busy working through the old census data - more on that soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rename of Muban in Phayao

Today the change of the name of one administrative village in Phayao was announced in the Royal Gazette. Village 6 of Sa subdistrict, Chiang Muan district was renamed from Ban Lai (บ้านหล่าย) to Ban Tha Fa Lai (บ้านท่าฟ้าหล่าย). This change was approved by the board to consider name changes in its second meeting this year on June 23, and the announcement was then signed by the province governor on July 29. As the rationale for the change the announcement states that the new name better fits the history of the village, as it was created by splitting off area from the village Ban Tha Fa Nuea (Village 1) and Ban Tha Fa Tai (Village 2).