Friday, January 15, 2021

2020 review

 Last year I sadly neglected this blog quite a bit, at first it was a quiet time, and then a serious sickness kept me from working on this project. In the second half of 2020 a bit more happened on the subdivisions, though I have succeeded to keep my XML as well as the Excel sheet updated, its not yet documented here.

So a short list what I have to write about

  • December 20, the Provincial Administrative Organizations had their first elections since 2014, now all have a new chairman as well as councillors.
  • On March 28 2021, the municipality mayor and council elections are planned to take place. [Bangkok Post]. The constituencies of them were announced in the last quarter of 2020. Apparently the TAO elections will be held later this year then.
  • There were some more municipal changes after my last list from April.
  • The DOPA population statistics for December 31 2020 is already online, but not yet directly accessible on the website.
In short the main numbers for December 31

  • 30 city municipalities (Thesaban Nakhon)
  • 195 town municipalites (Thesaban Mueang)
  • 2247 subdistrict municipalities (Thesaban Tambon)
  • 5300 subdistrict administrative organizations (TAO)
  • Total population as of December 31 2020 from the registry: 6,6186,727 (3,2375,532 male and 3,3811,195 female)

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